Founded in 2012, Beneath The Meadow started as my online diary where I would record all the bits and pieces in my life (the archives are still here and they are embarrassing). Fast forward 8 years, Beneath The Meadow transformed from a teenage girl diary to a curated blog in travel and lifestyle. Being a freelance content creator on Instagram for the past 2 years, I decided to take this blog to the next level with more travel photos I have taken on my journey, to provide more information and tips on things related to travel and lifestyle. Over the years, my readers have grown with me, witness the change in my writing, photography and coding skills going from sloppy to editorial.

Travel and photography are my passion, and I would love to share my journeys with you through my lenses. When I'm not traveling, you will find me sharing all the little things in life: beauty, skincare, fashion, books, inspirational things... nothing is too little for me to share with you. For all I want to do is to inspire the people around me to be creative, to love themselves and most importantly, to be unique; it is also one of my goals with my influence on social media, to spread the right message and the right ideas.