Overlooking the infinite view of The Bund and Huangpu River, from day to night, this beautiful skyline is within reach. Waking up to this view is probably one of the most exciting moments in Shanghai, with a hot cup of tea and a morning bubble-bath, I think I can definitely get used to this. 

As luxurious as this may already sound, trust me, it gets better. 

A few days ago before I checked into this hotel "Wanda Reign Hotel Shanghai", I was staying in a hostel in Shanghai (probably the most beautiful hostel I have ever been), yet this hostel was miles away from the infamous Bund. It took me one hour to get to The Bund, though the journey was long, it was totally worth it. The night view of The Bund, safe to say, is the most beautiful night view I have ever seen amongst all the cities I have traveled to; and trust me when I say it's breathtaking because I am from a city (Hong Kong) which tourists are crazy about our night views, but nothing can compare to the one in Shanghai. So when I checked into this third hotel located on The Bund, I am beyond thrilled because I get to enjoy this view all by myself, all day long. Also, nothing is better than having all the famous attractions within the radius, so I could have a more flexible schedule and can always go back to the hotel for a change of clothes for the next photo shoot.

The streets are really bright (so bright I do not need flashlights for my photos) at night with lights reflecting on the buildings, the most magical thing is you get two very different views on different sides of the river. On the side where the hotel is located, you can find European buildings and architecture as it was the French concession; on the other side is Lujiazhui, filled with all the modern skyscrapers. 

With a captivating view like this, Wanda Reign Hotel Shanghai does not let it go to waste. From the bathroom to the bedroom, you can enjoy the view in every single corner. So you can only imagine why I had to take a morning bath with this view despite I was running out of time for photoshoots. Simply let ALL of this sink in. 

If the view isn't enough for you (seriously?), don't worry, it gets better.

The hotel room is fully automated, from curtains to lights, TV, or even room service, all can be done through a tablet. They even have a small trap door by the door called "the butler's cabinet", it can be opened inside the room or from the outside. It's made for room services like laundry or in-room dining, where staff can place items in the cabinet without going into the room. I have to say that this is such a wonderful and thoughtful idea, which I have never seen this in any hotel before. Apart from that, hotel services are top-notch: some of the basics like turn-down service, pillow catalogs are all available, what amazed me the most is that they also provide stuffed toys, aromatic essential oil, all sort of things that help you fall asleep!!

Now to the bathroom, in case you are new here, I am a total bathroom freak: I only stay at hotels with a nice bathroom, period. This bathroom in Wanda Reign Hotel Shanghai sure lives up to my expectations.  Now, these are the basic expectation I expect from a 5-star hotel: separate bathtub and shower area, two sinks, and branded bathroom amenities. This hotel checks off all these standards, on top of that, they have the Japanese TOTO automatic toilet, bath salts provided and use the brand L'occitane as their amenities. I am sorry if I sound spoiled but this is Asia, hotel services and facilities are EVERYTHING, it's a norm here; also explain one of the reasons why I had disappointing moments during my stay in Europe (sorry, not sorry).

Across the room, they have a small walk-in closet with a vanity table, so I don't have to stand in the bathroom to do my makeup, that's another thing I like about the room. The bathroom also has a TV screen in the mirror, so you will never miss a scene when you're watching your favorite show.

Enough of the room, let's talk about the hotel as a whole. Let me summarize it in a few words: luxurious, glamorous and royal. This hotel makes me feel like a QUEEN, and I think everyone who stays in a hotel should feel this way. Every corner and decoration in this hotel are actual art pieces, from gigantic paintings and sculptures in the Lobby, to small decorations in the room, every step feels like as if you are in a palace. If you have been to hotels in Macau, which are known to be glamorous and luxurious, take that level of grandness and make it double, that is where this hotel is at.

However, there are a few places in the hotels which are VIPs only, which is quite the bummer, that includes the spa (it's the most beautiful spa I have ever seen, imagine the Insta-famous swimming pool in Morroco), the wine cellar, and the karaoke room. If your pockets are rather deep and visit Shanghai often, consider joining their club, it's quite worth the experience to be honest.

Another highlight of this hotel is its rooftop restaurant, which is very well-known for afternoon tea. The hotel had prepared a tea set for us which I enjoyed it very much, particularly the scones. If you want to enjoy the view of The Bund yet you have made other plans with your hotel booking, consider booking an afternoon tea here, it's really worth the value. It was Summer when I visit Shanghai so I chose to sit indoor, which you can also enjoy the view through the glass, but my top choice will obviously be the outdoor area if the weather allows.

*The hotel stay and tea set are sponsored by Wanda Reign Shanghai Hotel, but the above article is my honest opinion about my experience and my stay.