I am that kind of person who would absolutely freak out if I forgot to bring my headphones when I leave the house, so if you're asking my go-to app that I have to use every day, it will definitely be Spotify. 

I am not surprised that you are the same with me, the thing is music is such a good source for us to dive into a whole new world, forgetting everything that is going on in real life, and that is pretty amazing to me. I tend to put my favorite song on repeat, once it gets stuck in my head I will immediately search for new songs to listen to right away. Listening to music on-the-go for me is a habit I could not live without, and music app like Spotify just makes it better and easier. 

I love how Spotify categorizes different genre of music so you could play music according to your mood or different occasion; it also comes in all these playlists you could follow, which is impossible for you to miss another new hit again. Personally, my favorite playlist on Spotify is "Today's Top Hits", "Pop Rising", and "Discover weekly", where they update new songs frequently and tailor-made a playlist with similar songs that you would love. 

Another feature I absolutely love about Spotify is that you get to follow your friends, as well as their playlists. That way, not only I can play my friends' playlists, but I could keep track on what songs they are listening to. 

If you are already using Spotify Premium, Congratulations! You just found yourself a great music app that makes life easier! But if you are not using Spotify or are still using the free Spotify membership, which you do not have access to offline downloads or ads-free music, I now invite you to join me in this amazing journey! 
Because for those of you who do not own a premium membership, this is great news for you all. By clicking HERE or the link below, you immediately get 2-MONTH SPOTIFY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP for FREE! Just one click and you're all set (you're welcome)! 

Which app is your every day go-to app? Tell me about it, I would love to know!
Also if you have never tried Spotify and find the trial useful, comment and let me know as well!

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