From where I live, Fall has just arrived (yes it is really late), and it is still warm like summer in the afternoon. Deep down in my heart, I really wish Fall could come sooner like in the USA so I could finally wear something new; but then I also struggle with the thought as I can't forget about beaches and bikinis. So last Sunday, I decided to go to the pool for a tan, my last tan before winter comes, and for a swim. 

To be honest, I have really pale skin and I did not really get the chance to get a tan this summer. I went to Thailand this summer, but then I had my skin allergies and could not go under the sun at all. So here I am right now, getting my last tan before the weather gets too cold. To properly get a tan, I used sun lotion and sun tanning oil together, and they smell amazing. However, because it was already a bit chilly and that the sunlight was not that strong, I did not get a deep tan that day even though I lay under the sun for an hour. I was also in a hurry so I swam for only 30 minutes and suntanned for another 15 minutes again. Hence, I did not actually get to experience the full result. 

I would say it is a pretty good tan as I got a light tan line (I know it is not much, but I did not have enough time for any more tan). Hopefully, I could go to somewhere tropical again this year's Christmas to get a nice deep tan for winter. 

*This post is not affiliated or sponsored by any products in the photo, all of the above reviews are solely my opinions.

sun tanning oil from Balibody / bikini top from Oysho / bikini bottom from Gamiss / sunnies from Shein

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