It is that time of the year again, not Christmas but sweater weather people! Although it is still very hot here, I know a lot of countries are stepping into Fall already, so I might as well start a beauty post about the best beauty products in my recent haul to get ready for Fall. 
The rose gold and gold trend has been a hit since last year, and people are still not getting over with it, including me. I have a lot of my things in rose gold and gold: jewelry, pens, decorations, cosmetics, basically everything I use. 
So recently when I went shopping for makeup again (we all know that struggle), I came across a few new makeups that are in rose gold or gold color, and I bought them without hesitation as they are perfect for Fall. 

In the photo:
  • Rose golden sunnies from OYSHO
  • Rose golden love bracelet from Cartier
  • Gold lipstick from Hourglass 
  • Rose golden eyeshadow palette from ZOEVA
  • Rose golden brushes from SHEIN


The moment I set my eyes on this palette on SEPHORA, I knew I had to buy it. It has a total of 10 colors, including my favorite rose gold, gold, and coral color. 7 of the colors are shimmery and the rest are matte. I was not really an eyeshadow person because putting on eyeshadow takes too much time (it still does), but since I have gotten this palette, I have been putting on eyeshadows every day. 

Name of shades according to the color sequence on my forearm:
  • Luster
  • Foil
  • Reflective Elegance
  • Just a Rose
  • Copper is King
  • Golden Rule
  • Shining Bright
  • Harmony
  • Rusty Petals
  • Wonder Full
I usually use Foil/Reflective elegance for the whole lid as well as the front corners of my eyes, then I will use Copper is King / Golden Rule from the middle and end with Rusty Petals/Wonder Full for the end corner of my eyes. I will also use Luster for the crease as it is in a very light nude color. I have never really use the gray color (Harmony), so if any of you have any ideas in using this color with this palette, enlighten me.
The eyeshadow texture is not the best I have had, but it is good enough for the price of the Rose Golden palette, a pretty good deal as well for getting 10 shades. The shades are mainly shimmery, so I suggest to use a matte primer before you apply any shimmery shades to make it more pigmented. For most of the shades of the palette (as it is named Rose Golden), they have a very warm tone, which I think it is perfect for Fall. With the shades Rusty Petals and Copper is King, your eyelids definitely match with the color of the fallen leaves!

I felt in love instantly when I saw the packaging and design of the lipstick, it is gold and reflective. I wasn't feeling so sure about this lipstick because it is so slim I am afraid it might break. But when I try this lipstick on my hand, the texture is so smooth and soft I actually let out a shriek in the store (I know right). I chose the color "I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT' and I seriously cannot live without this color. It has this dark tint of red color that says something about Fall, and the color is really pigmented. The lipstick is really hydrated and stays on my lips for a very long time, it didn't even stain much on the rim of the cup when I drink! 
The best thing is this lipstick actually has a refill, so you can easily change into another color next time, buying just the refill and keeping the tube, which is so amazingly designed I will not throw it no matter what. 

What else did you have in rose gold or gold color? Also, tell me about your hauls and looks for Fall, I would love to know more! 

 photo 2014-07-12195239_zps70c99036.jpg


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