Summer Jewelry Look Book: SWAROVSKI

here are enough jewelries for me, says nobody. Jewelries are something I wear everyday, I would even go late just to make sure I have at least one piece of jewelry to do the final touch of my look. Yes, they are that important. Now the arrival of summer means more skin, that basically calls out for more jewelry, how can one resist this temptation?
So I have teamed up with Argento Jewelry to try out a few items from the new collection of Swarovski. The collection has two main color: silver and rose gold, the hottest color of the year. The necklaces and bracelets I am wearing both come with pairs, each in one silver color and rose gold color.

For necklace that comes in pair, there are 3 ways to wear it, you can wear one at each time, or both together with different lengths (just as how I am wearing it). These kind of necklaces highlights your skin on your neck and chest, especially when you are wearing tanks or one-shoulder top. Wearing them in pair at different lengths also highlights your collar bone and makes it stand out.

If you necklace does not comes in pair, you can still purchase a different necklace to pair them up. For example, if you are a choker fan, you can pair with some mid-length necklace, so your chest will not look too plain. The perfect number will be 2 necklaces at the same time, 3 will be too many.


This year's trend for jewelry is for nearly everything to come in pairs. The necklace I am wearing has one silver necklace with two charms (round-shaped crystal and heart-shaped crystal), and one rose gold necklace with one charm.

Swarovski is known for putting one or more charms on their necklaces, the main charm is movable while the others are locked in a certain length. So it is really customisable to wear the charms on different place on your collar bone or to group them together.

I wear the silver necklace as a shorter one, place it just above the collar bone, and the rose gold one as a longer one.


Same as the necklace, the bracelets come in pair as well, one in silver and another in rose gold. I wear both of them together as the two bracelets match perfectly, one with a bigger silver heart charm, and another has a smaller red heart charm. 

But for bracelets, it is not as customizable as pairing necklaces. for necklaces you can position them on different parts of your neck by adjusting the length. For bracelets, even though you adjust the tightness, they will still fall down to your wrist and cling together. 

However, bracelets are the best jewelry for the arrival of summer as wearing short sleeves and tank tops will not cover the bracelets as winter clothing does. So do not be afraid to throw in a few more bracelets and bangles, because there will never be too many of them on your wrists. 

If you also love the Swarovski collection I am wearing, you can check them out HERE.

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Tell me about how you wear your favorite jewelry and your recent collection as well!

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