Recent Cosmetic Hauls & Favorites

have chosen this post to be a mashup of the recent hauls and recent favorites as I have stacked up a lot of new cosmetics and I cannot wait to share my comments and reviews of them to you, so I decided why not mix them all in one post? So recently, I was wandering around the cosmetics section as usual, and bought tons of products as usual, thinking that it is the time to try something new on my face (new techniques, new products etc.). I came across the M.A.C. counter, which is my all time favorite brand with wide range of products, and bought a few handy things I thought may add a few touch ups to my look. I have also discovered a new brand called KIKO, which is a brand from Italy providing inexpensive cosmetics in great quality.

1. KIKO Cream Crush Lasting Colour Eyeshadow 01
2. M.A.C. Strobe Cream Hydratant Luminex
3. KIKO automatic precision eyeliner 716 (the pen in black)
    KIKO signature eye marker (the pen in white)
4. BOBBI BROWN lipstick in Sandwash Pink color
5. M.A.C. mineralize skinfinish 
6. BENEFIT They're Real mascara
7. M.A.C. PRO color X2 compact (palette holder)
    M.A.C. Eyeshadow A45
8. M.A.C. Matchmaster concealer 2

I am recently loving the new cosmetic brand KIKO as their products really are inexpensive but in pretty good quality. I bought their cream eyeshadow (#1) which is in a kind of shimmery nude pink color and it can be apply directly on your eyelid with your fingers. I think their cream eyeshadow's quality is really similar to those in Bobbi Brown, so if you are thinking about purchasing eyeshadow in Bobbi Brown but want to save some money, KIKO is a good choice. The reason I buy cream eyeshadow instead of palettes (I purchased them as well) is because apply cream eyeshadow is rather simple and convenient, just tap gently on your eyelid with your finger, it can go without any other colors. Another thing I love from KIKO is their eyeliners (#3), the crayons are really waterproof and longlasting with the special sponge on the tip for smoky eyes. Their waterarker is what I love the most as the design of the marker is like a blade, it is easier for me to draw symmetrical wings of cateye, you may as well consider this design if you are a beginner in drawing cateye. 

Another thing I love most about is the mineralize skinfinish from M.A.C., which is a baked highlighter. I have this crazy obsession about baked powder because it looks really pretty and still looks clean and new even you have used a thousand times. I am using the lightest shade of the highlighter and applying this on the bridge of my nose, nose tip, cupid bone, above the arc of my brow, as well as my cheek bone. This highlighter really brightens up the structure with its glitter without being too dramatic, giving a natural glow to your face. It is best to use this highlighter with a wet brush, so the powder can stick and stay on your skin longer. If you do not want to purchase extra makeup for highlighting, I suggest you to use a concealer which is 2 shades lighter than your skin tone as a highlighter or brightener (perhaps the concealer you use when it is winter?). However, if you are willing to purchase a highlighter, I strongly suggest you to buy a baked powder highlighter as the glitter and the glow are different from what you can get from a lighter concealer. It does not have to be a M.A.C., it can be any brand you like as this is not a sponsored post, but I suggest getting a baked highlighter can really make a difference to your look. 

The products I purchased in M.A.C. have basically become my everyday-routine. 

The product I love the most is the strobe cream hydratant luninex. Basically it is a luminous base for you to apply before makeup. What I love about it is that it really hydrates my skin, I can even use it without moisturizer. And most importantly, this base really gives my skin a healthy glow and radiant which reflects under light, giving a sense of hydration like I have just used a mask; the cream also smells incredible which is a plus one. I usually apply this base with my stippled brush, so that the cream can spread evenly on my face and into the pores without being too oily for my skin to absorb.

For the eyeshadow, I chose a color that is not really common as I want to try something new instead of having nude colors on my eyelid everyday. This color is a pinkish-orange, which I apply on the center of the eyelid with a darker shade on my crease and the tail(dark purple is what I chose). This color really adds lights into your eyes and lightens up the whole person, putting up the vibes you need for the day.

What do you think about the products I purchase? Feel free to share your recent hauls and favorites in the comment and also tips in using them! You can also request post in the contact section or down in the comment section.  

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