Photo Hunting │ A Day Out To The Nature

I live in a city, for me, to find a place nature is a pretty tough job in here. Although it is hard, to my photo hunting day I'm still going to the nature no matter how long it takes me. I am that kind of person who will plan a day out just to capture photos, I usually call that "photo-hunting".

This time in photo-hunting, I arrived a place in the countryside which is a waterfront park and a pier at the same time, so I get to see the view of the mountains and tress and sea at the same time, such a wonderful place for photo-hunting. 

This is  a little special version of my photo-hunting trip as I brought my boyfriend along to be my "model" (not exactly model-ly in photo as we are in the public). Everything turns out pretty well and we (yes, he did capture a few spectacular photos, out of my expectation) captured quite a lot of photos as the weather was pretty fine that day.

In most of my photo hunt, I usually have to double check the weather on that day, other than that is the time of the day. Timing is the most important thing in photo-hunting as you may see, I love to play with the sun. What I mean by playing with the sun is that I usually follow the sun or the light source to capture my photo, so every single photo you can see may produce a "light leaked" effect, which is absolutely captivating for me. 

The ISO of my camera is the most important setting for me as I love to increase the light intensity for all of my photos, this will highlight every single feature of the person in the photos or the nature in the photos. Also, putting up the ISO may makes your photo look softer, with a softening effect, this acts as an enhancing effect for the light leaked. 

I am currently using my CANON EOS 600D for my photo hunt, usually I will bring more than one camera to the hunt, for example my DIANA camera or the instant film camera to play with more effects.

Tell me what you think about the photos and your experience in your photo hunt! 
You may also share your tips in taking photos in the nature in the comments below!

 photo 2014-07-12195239_zps70c99036.jpg


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