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  Sometimes, creating some kind of trend doesn't mean you have to be very different or very special, well at least not intentionally. A trend is usually created when something new or special pops out that they think it's way cooler from how they are doing it right now. 

  To be a trend creator, you will need to have a very special gimmick, to be special from anybody else. The easiest way to do this is to be yourself, because everybody is different and very special in its own way, so this has to be the most special thing ever. No matter whether you are trying to create a trend in fashion or any kinds of activity, you will have to do things in your very own way, in your very own thinking. You should not do it following the latest trend because that is not you, it is not your own idea either. If you do things in your very own way, your very own style, people may actually think it is special because it is something never before.

  Human are curious being who always like to have something new, so when you create things in your very own style based on your very own thinking, people might actually like it and started to follow it as a new trend.The hardest thing in creating your very own trend is that you have to stand very firm, firm enough that you would not be affect by any others to follow their trend, so as long as you are strong enough to not fall in that trap, you are heading toward being a successful trend creator.
  However, being yourself and do things in your very own style isn't enough in order to be a trend creator. You will still need a smart brain, you do not have to be a genius but you will have to be creative, creative enough to start something new so that people are actually willing to follow that trend except their urge of curiosity because that is what it takes to keep the trend to last longer. 
A trend that solely based on people's curiosity will not last long as curiosity is a very short term thing, as people have discovered what the trend is really, they will immediately turn 
their backs on you. So please beware of this very important point. I am not going to tell you here how to be more creative or smart because that is what you will have to work out by yourself as everyone is special and different. If I teach you how to think as a trend creator, it is solely based on my own opinion and style, which is totally against what I have mentioned just now. You have to work it on your own, but if you really need some help in coming 
up with new ideas, you can visit my another post here to get some tips.

Do you have any ideas of how to be a trend creator? Share your experience if you are one like me!

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