Tips On Coming Up With New Ideas

Sorry if I have been MIA lately as I am so caught up with school stuffs but I'm managing to slip through some time with posting this post that is requested by some of you. Coming up with new ideas can be a very tough process, you might probably find your head feeling ready to explode. But popping out with new ideas shouldn't be killing you right? Because it's meant to be something new which means you got nothing framing you up except your own mind. 
So here is some tips I found useful for myself in coming up new ideas and hope you all find it useful too.

-It is always okay to steal the idea, but don't get me wrong, I didn't ask you to go straight and copy someone else's ideas. Steal the idea in a perfect way that even yourself won't notice. 
Use people's ideas as a kind of source or inspiration then generate and that is how every single new idea is brought to this earth.

-Bring something that you can write your ideas everywhere you go, no matter is a notepad or your smartphone. Always fill up the note section in your phone whenever something has come up in your mind because it may be a start of a new idea. More importantly, bring a pen everywhere you go, this is basically the method to survive if you are a writer, any kind of writer, no matter you are a author or a songwriter, a pen is what you need to write things down. Bring your pen even when you are going to the toilet, in case anything come up in your mind in your most relaxing time, you still have the toilet paper as your notepad.
-Do not stress yourself out. Sometimes pushing yourself into coming up something new can be hard, so hard that your brain may have a malfunctioning. And that is the time you have to relax yourself a little bit, not too much as you may forget everything, but just a little bit. This may help you brain to come up with something new easily.

-Be a wanderer. In this case, I am not actually asking you to be an actual wanderer, but just a person who walks around more often. Go Outside may be a phrase your parents have used too many times but it is a great way to help you go come up with something new. Have a walk down the street, you may probably get inspired by something you see, and that is when something new pops in your mind. This is a way that you can get inspiration from, inspiration comes from everywhere, it is also a key point to remember to be a writer.

Do you have any other ideas on coming up with new ideas? Comment yours! I'd love to read them. Also, if you have any requests or ideas for the coming up posts, feel free to comment

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