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So I went on a haul a few weeks ago and bought some stuffs including the items in the above picture, and now they turn out to be in my weekly's favorite post because I use these items nearly everyday these weeks!

These items in the above pictures are absolutely amazing, I've never ever written about them before as they are new but they are good enough for me to take a photo of them instantly and open a new post topic called "The Weekly's Favorites".

*Orders of the items below are sort according to the numbers in the pictures above

LUSH Mask of Magnaminity
This is literally the best mask I have ever used before, also my favorite one. LUSH is always famous for their clay mask, although this is not a fresh mask but it works incredibly well. With peppermint and honey, this clay mask can fight eruptions and outbreaks, not only it can apply onto your face but also your back.
I personally love clay mask over sheets mask is mostly because the size of my face. The size of my face is so small that it couldn't really fit into the fixed shape of the sheets mask. I'm also not a fan of sheets mask because I don't really like that feeling of something soaky covering my face and I will just constantly move my face during the process, and that's why I turn my face to clay masks.

Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Creme
This facial cream is highly moisturizing with SPF 15 so you can actually use it over day and night. It is also said to be age reversing and wrinkles clearing, but I am not going to comment on this as I don't have any wrinkles right now, I don't get the position to say anything about it. But overall, I love how it has multi-functions, also comes with a very lovely scent. It is not in a very greasy texture, but you can feel it really moisturizes your face for the whole day.

Estee Lauder Re-Nutriv Ultimate Lifting Eye Creme 
As I have always said in nearly every post, I always have huge dark-eye circles and under-eye bags, it's just like I'm born with them. I have used thousands of products, eye-masks, under-eye roller, and many different eye creme but they just don't cease to work on me. But THIS eye creme from Estee Lauder is like miracle to me, as it really improves m dark-eye circles and under-eye bags problem A LOT. I used to have a hard time putting lots of concealer under my eyes but still cannot get my dark-eye circles covered up, the whole thing is like I'm being punched every single morning. And thanks god this eye creme works on me so well that I can simply apply foundation under my eyes and I can then walk under the sun, yes, without concealer, that is how good is it.

Maybelline The False Lash Volum' Express
I don't have long lashes, I don't have volumized lashes, and the worst is my lashes don't curls by itself, they basically just straighten by their own, horizontally. And THIS is such a pain in the ass as whenever I curl my lashes and apply mascara on it, it will still straighten after a few hours, making me look like I don't have any lashes at all.
I love how The False Lash Volum' Express curls and hold my lashes so well that it literally lasts for the whole day, it creates a bit volume to my lashes and lengthen a bit, not necessarily a lot (I usually apply another lengthening mascara after this), but it can hold my curls and fight the natural straightening will of my lashes. The mascara is also waterproof so it doesn't wear off easily especially in summer.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Passion Fruit Shimmer Gloss
I am such a lipgloss person, I wear lipgloss basically every single day but not lipstick. I just love that shimmery and watery feeling on your lips, and this makes your face instantly pop up. I love how this lipgloss by Estee Lauder is never sticky, although it does not smell the nicest (not as sweet as the NYX lipgloss I used to use), but it gives out the nicest gloss and shimmer ever. The color I'm using is 11, passion fruit, it is a very light pink color that you can call "nude", which is the colors people been up to these days. I usually love light colors as it won't take away the attention from other parts of your face and I just like to keep everything simple, so a glossy light pink lipgloss will do.

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 Mango
This has to be the BEST LIP BALM I have ever used! It main function is to protect and help soothe dry lips, also help shield lips from the cold weather and it works perfectly well.
There are several different scents but I chose Mango because I think it smells the nicest among all the others, it is very refreshing when I apply on my lips. And most important is it instantly moisturize your lips  when you apply it. If the skin of your lips is peeling off, you may feel that your lips are heating up after apply this lip balm, but no worries because it is completely normal, you will feel that the pain on your lips because of the dryness will be gone after applying this lipbalm in a few minutes, which is a miracle!

Max Factor Whipped Creme Foundation 
I bought this originally just for a try as I think it's kind of cute someway in its whipped creme texture and turns out I'm so in love with it that I use it everyday!
As I have mentioned a thousand times, I really don't like heavy makeup on my face because I hate that when there are so many things covering up my face, making my skin feels like it can't breath. But this whipped creme foundation is not heavy at all, its texture is just like whipped cream that when you spread it on your face, it is extremely thin and smooth but highly coverage. I'm currently using 65 Rose Beige, it is slightly a tone or half lighter than my original skin tone but it is still fine. 

Any thoughts on the products I have just mentioned above? Tell me what you think!

PS You might have noticed I have slightly changed the preface of my blog, and yes, there will be more changes afterwards. I am just trying to change the outlook of this blog and try on different tricks with the HTML, and this is why I'm telling you guys is because I will be posting some posts later on about HTML techniques on blogging templates and blogging tips. So stay tuned and don't miss any of them!
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