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I know it's been a while since I posted anything about fashion and styles, but since it's summer and I've been going through a closet makeover, and that's when I thought why not?
Summer is a rather friendly season as you can easily throw a tank or t-shirt with a pair of shorts or jeans then you are good to go, there's no big deal in Summer Fashion as most of the clothes go along together very well.

So a few days ago, I was browsing the web of Zalora, which is a website selling different kinds of wearable items, from women to men, I found a few tops that really caught my attention at first sight, not just eye-catching, but these tops that I've chosen can really bring your outfit to one level higher.

※ 1. Lace Insert Women Tank from Ezra
A tank with inserted lace all over, adding a bit of sexiness but not too over the top. With the loose end of the tank, it added a little bit of wind-blowing effect with a sense of casualness. This tank comes in 3 colors (white, black and navy), I've chosen Navy color for the cut-out as you may know, navy is always my favorite color.

※ 2. Printed Cotton Spandex Jersey Sleeveless Crop Top from American Apparel 
Here's a really important reminder in wearing stripes, never wear horizontal stripes, only wear vertical stripes as horizontal stripes always highlight the "width" of your body, if you know what I'm saying, it makes you looks chubby even though you are super slim. Vertical stripes do the opposite work, it will always make you look super slim no matter what size you are in. This crop top can really brings out your body shape if you know what I mean, with an upright triangular shape, it can really broaden your shoulder, of course, if you already have a broad shoulder, you will definitely look amazing in these kind of designs. And honestly? This crop top is my favorite out of all 6 of my favorites.

※ 3. Glass Stained Top from Glitter Glam
This design of the crop top focus on your waist, mainly to make your waist looks more slim. The yellow color is bright and eye-catching, which is perfect for summer, plus the slim cut elegant design? This outfit is perfect for you to do anything. This top can really bring out your body shape too as it really slim down your waist, on the other hand makes your bust area looks larger.

※ 4. Reflection River Vest from Ziztar
Also a crop top I've chosen that really brings out your body shape, though this crop top brings out a bit of street and edgy feel with the prints of reflection river. As it's a "vest", it literally looks like it ties around your neck, this design can also makes your shoulder looks more broad.

※ 5. Floral Bustier Top from Something Borrowed
Floral, I can say it's one of the hottest trend this year, almost every shop I go in, I spot clothes with floral patterns. Crop Top is also one of the trend in these years, and it's gaining more popularity as the heat wavers are approaching, many people just can't wait to show off their fabulous abs workout results. So why not combine two trends together? This floral crop top can let you follow 2 trends at the same time, how does that sounds to you? With the floral pattern, this crop top can also brings out your body figure, slim waist, and very eye-catching.

※ 6. Apple Of My Eye Blouse from Ministry of Retail
This is a very special top I have to say, when I first saw it, I'm afraid I have to say I've never seen any designs like this, and obviously I'm saying this in a good way. There are many holes distributing all over the blouse, give out a floral pattern look faraway. I've taken a good look with the back of this blouse and wow, this back of the blouse is so cool that it looks like a track suit? Just kidding. The whole combination is amazing as it mixes both street and elegance inside this blouse, you can either match it with a skirt, which brings out the elegant side of it, or throw in a pair of jeans, which brings out the edgy street side of it, both works perfectly well.

So I hope all of you can get different tips for choosing new clothes for your summer closet. You can also take a look on the website of ZALORA, which they sells different amazing clothes, grab some clothes over there as they are having a sale. What do you think?

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