Photography│Instax Mini 7s Giveaway

So it finally arrives! I know you guys have been waiting quite a while since the last giveaway (the fact I cancelled it) and the previous post about this camera, I've been mentioning that I will be holding a giveaway this month, so HERE IT IS!

This post is going to be quite short as all the things I want to say about this camera is in the previous post, so if you want to enter this giveaway and you are not very familiar with these kind of cameras, feel free to have a look at my previous post about this camera with also different techniques and tips for you to play along.

So for this time's giveaway, not only you will get an Instax Mini 7s, you will also get a box of refill (with the theme Pandora) and a "selfie" lens! These will all came in the pack for the winner of the giveaway.

♥This Giveaway is international
♥The Giveaway will be open until the end of March
♥Once the result is announced, the winner has to response within 48 hours or else there will be another lucky winner
♥I will email the winner personally and ask for your address
♥I will ship to wherever you live, so don't worry about the shipping, it's on me


To Enter this Giveaway, You MUST
#Be a subsriber of this blog
#Be Following me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr
#Leave a comment on this post

For extra entries, you may tweet once per day or follow the directions below.
The more entries you gain, the higher possibility to win this Giveaway.
comment on this post if you have any problems about this giveaway
So Good Luck XOXO

March Giveaway


  1. I've never used an instant film camera before, but I've always wanted to use one ever since I was a child!

  2. What a fun giveaway! I've never used an instant film camera so i'm sure they'd be great for capturing nice moments :) thanks for the chance to win x

  3. My best friend has one -- I used it once or twice to take a photo of her and some of my friends. I want one because it's so fun to use and I want one to fill my bedroom wall with instant photos :)

  4. not yet. but i would love to have one so i can instantly print the pictures

  5. i never used an instant camera before my mom wouldnt let me buy it :( i want it so badddd because well, this is the only way

  6. This is such a lovely giveaway!!!!!!!!!! I've been wanted an instant film camera since ages ago! Thanks for doing this giveaway BTW :) It's just amazing with the post about techniques of using an instant film camera! totally love all ur giveaways too XD

  7. Such a lovely giveaway xo , love your previous post about the techniques of using an instant film camera, I will really get used to that :) THX for doing this giveaway too :)

  8. I haven't used an Instax before but my friends have it, and by the looks of it, it seems so cool having your pictures printed instantly then put it up on your wall or have your happy memories hangin' around your room :) <3

  9. I haven't used an Instax camera before. I want to own/have one because it has been my dream to have an Instax camera. I know if ever I get the chance to win, I'll definitely use it to decorate my room and I've always wanted to own one. I want to be a photographer. So, I want to learn how to use different kinds of cameras. If ever I win this giveaway, I'll probably be the happiest person ever. :)

  10. nah, haven't use an instax cam before.. really wanting to have one :3

  11. I remember visiting your blog and dropped a comment like a month ago? And I really like your post about the polaroid tutorial and I couldn’t believe im here again to join your giveaway! adfkjenfkle omg I lovee your blog esp your post((the tutorial post about how to take a good photo with polaroid))
    and I wish I could win one so I can follow you ((man I really want to follow your tutorial since I saw your post, but what do I do without a polaroid in my hand)) since i have never had one, i would really love to have one and take a photo with my friends ((since we're separating soon bc of graduation sobs))
    Anw I really love your blog and even if I don’t win anything I think I will still check your blog when im on the internet, hehe. And I just want you to know that your posts are really great please continue posting! xoxo

    1. awww :) I'm so glad you found my tutorial posts interesting and useful. Wish you luck to win this giveaway xoxo


  13. freakin wanna have an instant film camera! I love all your posts about photography and love all your tips. I'm actually a "photo-hunter" like you (in your words XD) and i'd like to have one that can instantly print photo out :) XOXO

    PS please post more posts about photography tips and cameras ! I really love how to take photos, it's truly amazing ! luv ya <3

  14. I love all the photos you took! Seriously i'm kinda like a big fan of ya, just love the way you take photos :) And luv all your tutorial about photography too! XOXO please post more about photography :)

  15. This is such an amazing giveaway!!!!!! I love all your tips about photography and I'd love to have one :) I have a polariod at home but i never tried an instax mini before, i think instax mini is fun to play with different techniques as you said :) I'm a photography lover just like you and love to explore different ways to take different photography! Please post more tips about photography BTW XO

  16. Thanks for holding this awesome giveaway! Luv ya and love all ya posts :) XO

  17. Whoa! let's all cross our fingers and hope that one of us is lucky enough to win! Love all your posts BTW, also your photos are incredible :)

  18. L.O.V.E. IT!!!!! XOXO it's awesome


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