I am an 18-year-young girl who is enthusiasts in fashion, beauty, photography and everything lifestyle related. I live in Hong Kong, a small city but you can find the whole world there, and I have never left. 

I started this blog a few years ago, when I decided I want to share my very own tips and opinions on fashion and beauty. I personally love to write a lot, no matter where I am or how old I am, I write down everything in my mind, so starting a blog is inevitable. 

I snap everything from clothes, beauty products, to different places in different countries. I am no expert or traveler, but I love to show you my very own world, and to look through the lens of my camera, the reflection of my eyes. Beneath The Meadow is a blog which I devote all kinds of inspirations and thoughts everyday, and share with you all with every tiny good memories in my life.

I know fashion guru is kind of a thing right now, I am no expert but as a girl who mix and matches clothes from every shops in split second, I can tell you the trend with my fashion instinct. I mostly post about the latest fashion trend, and different ways in matching different clothing together by getting inspirations from various of things in life. I am currently an editor of the ZALORA online magazine, I write different tips and trends about handling fashion. 

I am no backpacker nor worldwide traveler, I am just an ordinary girl who dreams about traveling, I basically travel once a year, and I am mapping it off bit by bit from most parts of Asia to Europe and United Kingdom. I post beautiful places of different countries I have been to, so as  my adventures and inspirations I had over there. I wish I can influence all of you with my experience in traveling, also providing all the great tips to you.

Lastly, I hope Beneath The Meadow can influence you all with my insight and experience and I wish everyone of you can enjoy every moment of you life like I do. Beneath The Meadow has also worked with brands across the globe, for advertisement and sponsorship, click here to get in touch!

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