When was the last time you have been to a decent, relaxing cafe? or anywhere other than Starbucks? I am not a coffee person myself, but I always love a sweet, good spot for me to work or to do my readings. During my trip to Nha Trang, I went ahead and searched for some relaxing spot in in the city, which I have come across this Rainforest Cafe. When I travel, I tend to search for spots that are interesting and unique, instead of being all touristy (unless it's like the Eiffel Tower), this is also the reason why I decided to spend one of my afternoons exploring this famous cafe in Nha Trang.

Longing for a nice cup of Vietnamese coffee, it is some excitements to enjoy an amazing afternoon in a cafe, since I haven't gotten the chance to get my hands on one during my trip. This excitement is then followed by amusement and a rush of exhilaration as I entered the Rainforest Cafe. I have been to a fair amount of cafes, but this is the one that truly blows my mind. From the outside, you can tell that the cafe isn't big, but very tall and full of greens which already gives you that rainforest vibe. But this isn't all of it: when I stepped in, I was surrounded by the sounds of rain falling and birds chirping, which is from an artificial rainfall fountain they made right outside the cafe; the cafe is semi-open so you can hear the rainfall very clearly. I pick the spot on the second floor near the "window", watching the artificial rainfall, that somehow makes me relax in a way I couldn't describe, which is weird because I never am a rain person. 

I couldn't really sit still in this cafe because everything is so intriguing; I have to say, the design of this Rainforest Cafe is top-notch! The cafe consists of three levels, the ground floor has more of an outdoor garden vibe, with tree trunks and vines around tables, imagine Alice in a wonderland but takes place in a beautiful rainforest. On the second floor, there are separate cubicles of tables by the windows, also an indoor area if you really need the AC (at this case I do not recommend because you will miss out everything). There is an area designed as a birdcage (part of the second and third floor), where people could sit inside at the bar table to enjoy their coffee/meal. This is a beautiful design for guests that come alone and want to enjoy the view and do their work at the same time. 

The most interesting part has to be the slide connecting the second floor and ground floor, yep, you could slide down straight from the second floor if you want! They also have a hammock on the second floor, which replaces the floor so you could actually see what's happening downstairs (I would recommend not to wear a dress if you want to sleep on this hammock). 

All of these elements kept me occupied for a long while in the cafe, apart from enjoying this rainforest vibe, doing a photo shoot is a MUST! 

What surprises me, even more, is that apart from the incredible settings, this cafe has a wide selection of food and cuisines in high quality but only for a small price. There were so many choices on the menu it took me at least 15 minutes to make up my mind. In the end, we ordered a bolognese spaghetti, Vietnamese spring roll, matcha pancakes, french toast and a cup of Vietnamese coffee. This was our lunch and I have never been so full for lunch, but I was shocked at the price in the end. All that we have ordered for two, was only a total of 15 USD. Yep, you heard me right, that means less than 8 USD per person. Compared to the cafes in Hong Kong, a beautiful setting like that with good quality of food and drinks? It would cost around 60 USD, which is 4 times the amount, and people would still be queuing for a seat just for a good photo. 

Something about Vietnamese coffee worth mentioning here, it is a must-drink item in Vietnam, forget about the pho, forget about the coconut, go straight for the Vietnamese coffee! You can always get pho in everywhere, its quality is replicable and seriously it is nothing special if you ask a Vietnamese about pho. But Vietnamese coffee is something you can never forget, and something you cannot get in other countries unless someone brought it from Vietnam.

If you know me, I am always the tea-person instead of coffee, but Vietnamese coffee has been life-changing for a tea-person. Do not get me wrong, I still am a tea person, but for coffee, I only drink Vietnamese coffee, that's it.  So what's so different about Vietnamese coffee that makes a tea person drinks coffee? 

Let's start with where it comes from and how it is made. Vietnamese coffee is actually made with weasel coffee beans, which is one of the most valuable types of coffee in the world. The coffee beans are extracted and compressed from the waste of weasel after they ingest a specific type of fruits. Vietnamese coffee is special because it has its own "brewing equipment", which is a small specific dripping cup to filter the coffee powder. The coffee will then be dripped into a small cup filled with condensed milk. I tried Vietnamese coffee when I was 13 visiting Vietnam for the first time, since then I have always loved drinking Vietnamese coffee. The flavor is very strong, no matter how many milk or sugar you add in, the strength of the flavor does not change. This tastes nothing like espresso or Americano, or cappuccino; nothing like a regular coffee shop can serve you with. The coffee flavor is very condensed, I would say there isn't much acidity or bitterness, just the taste of coffee itself which makes me like it very much. 

This cafe is simply mindblowing, and it is safe for me to say that this is the best cafe I have ever been to so far, I wish there are more cafe like this one in the future in different cities. But the fact that they came up with such beautiful conceptualize cafe in Nha Trang, not even the capital of Vietnam, is magical. Especially when there are no cafes like this in Hong Kong, a well-developed city, it is shameful and disappointing. 
Do you like this cafe in Nha Trang? Or have you ever been to a cafe that is simply mindblowing like this? Share with me so I could visit next time on my next trip!
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