It has been a long while since I have posted my last post, let alone any travel updates. But if you have been keeping up with me on my Instagram, you will know that I will be traveling to Thailand, Spain, and France during June. Sad to say that my adventure to Thailand has come to an end, but it is never the end of my adventure. Before my trip to Thailand, I have received a lot of your requests for sharing and reviewing the hotels I am staying in Thailand. Well, I have marked it all down and had a whole lot of photo shoots for it with a long list of hotels, so get ready to experience my Thailand adventure with me all over again!

The first hotel I am staying in Bangkok is Pullman Bangkok Hotel G. The hotel is located in the area of Bangrak and 10 minutes away from Chong Nonsi BTS station; there are restaurants and bar streets around the area so everything is accessible. The main reason I chose to stay at this hotel is that of its white color themed lobby and room, which is highly Instagrammable (my standard for basically everything now) and well lit for photos.

The interior of the lobby is really delicate and unique, I have never seen any hotels with interior designs like Pullman Bangkok Hotel G but I love it very much. Same as the rooms, the lobby uses a white color theme. They provide large comfortable armchairs with white mesh curtains behind at the waiting area and some hammock chairs for people to relax which I absolutely love the idea of it. 

The most crucial element of my stay in this hotel; the room I am staying in is the G Deluxe Room which has a white colored theme. Everything is white and simple in the room with a relatively large space compared to other similar hotels in Bangkok. If you know me well enough, you will know that I am extra picky when it comes to any bathroom; the G Deluxe Room has both the tub (with a large mirror behind!) and a standing shower in the bathroom which I absolutely adore. The bathroom is also spacious and clean.

The bedding in the room is really comfortable with silky smooth sheets, they also offer a selection of menus for pillows which is really thoughtful. The only thing I could comment about the room is the lighting, I am that kind of person who loves a bright room but they do not provide a lot of lights in the room so it is a bit dim during the night. It is rather subjective as I know people who love dim rooms, but I wish it was better lit. 

The best part of the room for me has to be their big, floor to ceiling windows. The G Deluxe Room has an enormous window which overlooks the city of Bangkok. Though the hotel does not locate on a very busy street (which is great because traffic in Bangkok is terrible), it is still amusing to watch the city sleeps and wakes up above. 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, though I tend to skip breakfast (I know, I know), I managed to wake up at 8 am for breakfast every morning in Bangkok. 
The breakfast buffet provided by Pullman Bangkok Hotel G has a wide selection and variety of food, from Eastern to Western it never disappoints. They provide different kinds of pressed bottled juice every morning, which aloe vera and apple juice are my favorite. I especially love their cheese platter which I had to refill more than 2 times to go with my croissant. I am more inclined towards a British-styled breakfast, hence eggs and tea are a must for me. I am also very impressed with their yogurt, as yogurt is a must-have food for my breakfast as well, and they made it very delicious. They also provide large selections of pastries and a noodle station which would be perfect if you need a lot of carbs to start your day. All-in-all, the breakfast in Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is pretty impressive and it is definitely one of the best breakfast buffets I have had in a hotel. 

Overall, I love the room and the services provided by the hotel, the staffs were very friendly which definitely made my stay memorable. What do you think of this hotel that I am staying in? Share me your thoughts in the comment below! 

If you have any questions about planning your trip to Thailand or about my stays in Thailand, please also comment below or email me to let me know, I would love to hear from you!