For all of you who have been wondering why I have not been posting for the past three months, I am still alive and well. So what have I been doing in the past three months? Here is the reveal!
The truth is I have always wanted to start something that belongs to me, that represents me; I am always that person who really wants her own brand and be an entrepreneur. It does not have to be successful but I have something that belongs to me, and that makes me really happy and it is also my major motivation. 

So I have decided to start my own jewelry brand! Why jewelry though? There are several reasons I decided not to start my own fashion brand (although that is what I really want as well), and there are several good reasons for me to start my own jewelry brand. Besides fashion, my second love would definitely be jewelry. They are so customizable, in so many variations and so easy to personalize and design. I love the idea that I finally get to design something belongs to myself and bring it to the world to share it with others, that means the world to me. But then I also realize how big this step is to me, this means I have to devote everything to this little business I have, make all the decisions all by myself etc.

The past three months have been a bitter-sweet experience, especially when I am just starting everything out all by myself. I have to plan everything thoroughly before I start doing anything, sometimes it just feels really frustrated that I get nothing done physically and everything is just in the form of ideas. I do not have much time to organize everything consecutively because I have all the schoolwork to deal with simultaneously, this adds so much difficulty in getting all the work done within the timeframe. However, by the time I started to design my packaging, receiving the stocks, choosing from all the jewelry and packing samples, it makes me feel really good, that I have finally accomplished something in my life. 

I have struggled so long about the name of the online jewelry shop, I want it to be unique yet representable and meaningful, it took me quite a while to settle but I finally decided it as " Little White Box" or "White Box Jewelry". I wanted it to be simple and catchy, and I know to some points the name of the shop does not really matter to consumers anyway. I name it Little White Box as I like the packaging to have a white, simple and clean theme, but despite it being a simple box, what it has inside is sophisticated and surprising. Simple and sophistication is also the theme of the brand, by calling it a box, I really hope all the people who receive it feels like Christmas and are able to share the love of jewelry with me. 

However, this is also the reason that I cannot blog as often as I used to be. With all the schoolwork involved (those are inevitable and I could not escape from them), I can only devote all my extra time to starting this jewelry business, but of course, I will still keep you updated on my Instagram. I really cannot wait for the launch of the brand and I hope you will love what I create.

Tell me what you think about being an entrepreneur! Any tips for this because I could really use some help!  

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