It is a rather late post for my birthday as well as 2018, but since it is an important date and milestone, I know I have to drag myself to my computer and write it. 

Turning 20 is a huge milestone for me (for anyone whose age digits turn from 1x to 2x), so I wanted to throw myself a dreamy private party, just me and my boyfriend, this is also to celebrate his coming birthday as well. So I booked a hotel room in Macau and bought myself an incredible amount of balloons because I am obsessed with them. In case you are wondering from the photo, I bought some balloons with marble prints, also in white, transparent and pink (and of course those huge golden numbers). Although it was just a soft celebration, it was a big fuss inflating all those balloons, but I made it and they looked amazing. 

We had an amazing time over there as it was a kind of getaway. As usual, I hope we could have stayed longer but we had limited amount of time. 


Turning 20 feels different to me, it is as if I have entered this whole new world, facing all the unknowns. I started worrying about getting an actual job, getting paid, getting apartments, THE future. But as much as I have worried, I have a feeling I am going to do great in 2018 because I have some exciting news to reveal: 

I will be launching an online jewelry shop called The White Box, and it will be official in around a few months. The basic idea of it is to sell simple, high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. 
With this huge project going on, I would love to get all the help I could, so if you have any ideas or interest in collaborations, shoot me an email!

For all those that have been going on, it is crucial for me to list and carry out my resolutions for the year so I can prioritize the things I need to get done with. I used to not care about resolutions because I knew that they don't last, so this year, I am changing that a little bit. 

So this year
1. Post as frequent as I could, at least once a week. 
2. Work out once a week. 
3. Learn how to drive and get a license 
4. Launch online shop before March
5. Start saving, at least $1000 a month
6. Spend less on unnecessary items, minimize expenditure on makeup and clothing
7. Start looking out for opportunities and internships
8. Take my instagram to a higher level/ post more frequently
9. Start reading books I bought some years ago that are just laying there on the shelf 
10. Travel to somewhere other than Thailand, but also with a budget

What do you think of my resolutions? Tell me yours, I would love to be inspired! 
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