Being a hard-working, confident woman is not enough; no matter you have a corporate empire to run or the best job in the world, it will not take you anywhere if you do not learn to be in control with your finance.  All the successful women in the world do not necessarily get the best payment, but they know how to manage and control their financial status. Same thing goes on for most of the rich people, they tend to save a lot even though they have a big fortune. 

Saving money is practically a goal to everyone, and it is a really hard goal for women. All the temptations out there are made to make women spend, so how exactly do people save up their money? I am not going to teach you all the ways to save up your bills, but rather how to manage your spendings to ease all that pain in saving money for a vacation to the Bahamas or even for the future. 

1. Using Expense-tracking Apps (the below content are not associated with any sponsors) 
There are a lot of expense-tracking apps that are free and available for all kinds of smartphones. I have always been using the app "pocket expense" to record all my expenses and incomes. The app keeps track of all your spendings in different criteria, helps you stay within your budget and analyze all the data every month in charts and graphs. These apps can easily help you to keep track of how much you have spent and how much you should be spending every day. Keeping records of your expense is a very good habit as you know where all your money have gone to and learn to spend smarter from the data. 

2. Use Credit Card Wisely
A lot of people would agree with me that credit cards are the deadliest invention if you are trying to save up. I used to have the same problem as I am a shopaholic, whenever I see something I like online or offline, I swipe my credit card. The thing about credit card is you are spending your future income and you have no idea how much you have spent in total (credit card usually accumulates the amount for 1.5 months). To avoid unnecessary usage of credit cards, I usually put all my credit cards in a drawer and leave them at home when I go out. This forces me to use the money I have RIGHT NOW, and I will not purchase anything I cannot afford to purchase at that moment. 

Another tip is to use credit cards when it is a week before you receive your salary. As people tend to use up most of their salary by the end of the month, using credit cards at that period of time can actually help you to get through the "passing period" of receiving your next salary. You can also repay immediately when you receive your salary to avoid the huge accumulation of bills to next month. 

3. Keeping Large Banknotes and Limited Amount of Cash
This is just one of the extra tips as it may not work for everyone. I tend to keep large banknotes in my wallet to avoid unnecessary spending as I do not want to break it apart. I also will bring only a small amount of cash to limit myself not to spend too much. I know there are some people who like to bring a large amount of cash, maybe they just do not want the fuss of going to the ATM, but that would not help if you were not good in keeping track of your expense. Putting a large amount of cash will only drive you to spend more, as every time you look into your wallet, you still have money to spend. 

4. Re-check All your Bills and Expenses
Check all your previous bills and daily expenses, do you really need that cup of Starbucks every day? Or do you really need that expensive package for your internet? What about your magazine or gym subscription? A lot of unnecessary payments can be minimized once you revised your bills. You do not really have to cut them all off, but think about their substitutes. You could easily make your own coffee and bring it to work, saving a fortune every month. 

What do you think about the above tips? These are just the methods I often use to help myself in managing my expense, might not work for everyone but worth to give it a shot! Do you have any other method to manage expenses? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know!

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