The embroidery trend is still a great hit, and I am totally obsessed with all things embroidered. From those cute Gucci embroidered sneakers to all kinds of embroidery clothing, embroidery is something we called cherry on the top, it is the key element to make your outfit goes "Ding!". 
I have picked a few embroidered clothing that I have worn the most recently as some embroidery outfit ideas for you. Embroidered clothing are the easiest for DIY, so you may take these as some ideas or reference when you want to sew embroidered patches on your old clothes. 

For embroidered outfits, styling is definitely effortless. You would want all the other apparel to be as simple as possible, so the embroidery patterns can pop out. I usually style clothing with embroidery patterns with plain jeans or shorts. There are million ways to style embroidered clothing, mine is just one of them. The outfits I have picked this time is more of a summer vibe, or fall (it is still quite warm here until January), and I mostly prefer embroidered patterns on crop top or bodysuit instead of tee (they are too common). For fall, you can simply throw in a cardigan or a leather jacket and ta da! There's your fall outfit with embroidery!


[Rose Embroidered Halter Crop Top from Shein]
[High-waisted Damaged Jean from Hollister][Belt from Gucci] 
[Rose Embroidered Black Bodysuit from Shein]
[Washed Denim Shorts from Pacsun]

[Belt from Gucci]
[Rosegold Tinted Sunglasses from Shein]
[Black Quilted Sling Bag from Charles & Keith]

[Burgundy Suede Pumps from Staccato]

 photo 2014-07-12195239_zps70c99036.jpg


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