his is my second time to Kota Kinabalu (a.k.a. Sabah), most of my trips are circling around Southeast Asia and the most common thing you can find there are tropical islands. Kota Kinabalu is a developing city, hence the living pace is really slow and chill, which is a perfect place for vacation. The Mantanani Island we went to is quite different from all the other beaches I have been to before, fewer people and watersports, more silence and relaxation.

The blue sky and the clear water is a perfect match, surely is an eye candy. The water is very see-through but not as many fishes compared to beaches in Phuket. In Phuket, you can see fishes when there is water, they will come in groups to bite you, thinking you as food. However, I am a snorkeling-lover so we took a speedboat away from the island to explore the sea anyway. There are many fishes once the sea level reaches around 10m and they are all very fascinating. 

The coconut there is gigantic, by gigantic I mean 5 times bigger than a normal coconut should be, so I gave it a try. Tropical islands always go with coconut, that's why I drink one every day, and because I love coconut water. I didn't do much on the island after snorkeling, just chilling on a chair with my coconut, enjoying all these beautiful views and capturing them with my Diana F+ camera. I had my Lomochrome film on which turns everything green into purple, I have not got the chance to develop them yet but I am sure it will look amazing with these beautiful colors on the island. 

The beach on Mantanani Island is really relaxing, took me away from all the people and stress, which is a perfect getaway. This island will be your perfect vacation site if you are looking for an escape, but if you are looking for fun watersports, you might consider going to Thailand which my other journey covers. So tell me about your recent vacation or beach relaxation, was it similar to what I had on Mantanani Island? 

○ ○ ○   WHAT I AM WEARING   ○ ○ ○

Striped Zip Up Bikini Set by Gamiss

Sunglasses by OYSHO

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