Weekend Getaway: Discovering Macau

t has been a long decent of time since my previous post and honestly, I have a lot to tell you about all the adventures and journeys I have been for the past few months. Obviously, one single post is not enough for I have traveled to Pattaya in Thailand and Macau last month, both places brought me lots of joy. I am so overwhelmed by all the details of my recent journeys, I apologize for not having this blog update in months. So why not start with something near and recent?

Macau is a place very near from where I live, so I will not even call this traveling as it only takes 2 hours to sail across the sea on a boat. However, getting away from the city I live is always a great thing to do, no matter where I go, leaving the city often means leaving behind all the worries and stress that came along with it. Macau is basically the same place as Hong Kong, but with less people and more with a traditional vibe. You can treat this as a luxurious getaway, as going to Macau means sleeping in luxurious hotel, eat and shop all day long. 

I have been to Macau a few times and have stayed in many of the hotels, most of them are extravagant I would say, even mindblowing. Every details of the hotels over there makes you forget where you are, which is the best for a getaway. However, I am tired with the luxurious routine, sleep, buffet and shop; so this time I am hunting down some traditional food in some very old parts of Macau. 

Food is the least thing you could worry in Macau, for every street you walk into, there will always be food down the corner. But the best food often hide in the street where tourists do not usually go. There I found a street called Rua de Felicidade, you may notice it is Portuguese and even the street have a traditional Portuguese style, this is because Macau once was a colony of Portugal.  The street is very beautiful with a touch of traditional vibe, historical yet remarkable with all the red doors and lanterns. The street is renowned for every kinds of food in Macau, especially shark fin soup, loved by many Chinese people. 

The street is truly beautiful and I basically asked my boyfriend to take all the photos on the same site. There you will also find a shop selling all kinds of vintage can food (they are edible, and only vintage because of the packaging). I bought a few cans of sardine in different vintage designs and am still struggling whether I should eat them or not. 

Finding all the local food is entertaining and fulfilling, you get to try all the unique food while have a walk around the city just like the locals. Forget about shopping because this is what you really need when you go on a trip to somewhere else, to fully enjoy the place. Though the food hunt was remarkable, it took me the whole afternoon to hunt down 6 kinds of food, which was absolutely tiring. But for me, all of the walking were worth it. 

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