Tips for Travellers

ips for travelling are never too much for us. When I go on my trip to London and Paris, there are always a lot of things I have to keep in mind in order to have a "carefree" trip. This may sound complicated, how can we make a trip "carefree" and enjoyable while keeping things in our mind? Well here are the things I will do in order to reduce troubles from popping up in my journey. 

1. Photocopied passport

Always remember to bring a few photocopied passport. When you go out on a street, always bring the photocopied ones instead of the real ones to prevent loss of passport. Put your passport into a safety deposit box in the hotel or lock them in your luggage.

2. Hidden pockets
Try to wear clothes or jackets with inner pockets, so that you can hide your passport and cash. If you don't have any clothing with inner pockets, try to get one of those hidden belt where you wear it on your waist with a small zip on it to put valuable items. 

3. Don't put all the eggs in one basket
In this way means you do not put all the cash or credit cards in one particular place. Try to split them up in your jean pocket, shoes or even bra, places where not many people can reach. When you need extra money, just go to the toilet and get the spare ones out. 

4. Ditch those bags
When you go shopping, especially shopping luxurious items, bring an extra bag. Ditch the paper bags given to you with big logos on it, this always make you an easy target. Put the luxurious items you buy in the bag you prepared and blend in with others.

5. Blend in

Do not wear much luxurious accessories, try to blend in with what the locals do. Do not travel anywhere alone. 

6. Sim card

If you think you do not need this because you want a peaceful vacation without interruptions, you are wrong. Get the ones with both data network and basic cellular network. You will need your mobile data when you get lost (this is where GPS comes in) and cellular network when you need help. 

It is really important to keep the above tips in your mind when you travel. Recalling my journey to France, which apparently the level of social safety isn't very well protected, I see thieves picking pockets in a blink of an eye every single day. This is why taking precautions is that important when you are going on a trip. 

Besides of taking precautions of your own personal belongings when you are on a trip, taking precautions of the safety of your own house is also important. For example, getting a home security system from our friends Simplisafewho has made this "worry free pre-vacation checklist" to give you a little hand on keeping your house safe while traveling.

SimpliSafe has also made this very useful checklist a printable version. Click HERE to download the printable version. I hope you all can have an enjoyable holiday without worries. 
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  1. Great tips! Especially photocopying your passport is a must-do for me :)

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x

  2. Put the luxurious items you buy in the bag you prepared and blend in with others.

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