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his is my first time ever travelling to London, so I have chosen all the common places where tourists will usually go for this post. 

Going to these famous attractions are really easy in London all because of the invention of underground. In London, all the famous landscape are concentrated in West Minster Station; each attractions are basically pretty close to each other, so you can reach point to point by walking (Big Ben, London Eye, House of Parliament etc). By taking the underground and getting off at the right station, you can visit all these attractions within a few hours.

I have taken quite a few photos of the Big Ben and the House of Parliament because I am a Gothic design lover. It was a pretty sunny day so getting clear shots of them was easy. I know that Big Ben is much prettier at night but I didn't really get the chance to see it, as my travelling time was pretty tight. 

In West Minster, you can capture all three attractions together: Big Ben, House of Parliament, London Eye (if you do not consider of taking a ride in the London Eye), which is really a time-saver if you have a tight schedule. 

Crossing the Tower Bridge is a real fun as well, walking side by side with the cars. It is a real pity that I didn't get the chance to go up the tower, but the view up the tower bridge is definitely worth the walk.

I also made time for a walk along the River Thames, which is really relaxing. I preferred walking and relaxing by the river than going on a boat tour on River Thames if you have the time to do so, it is really something you need when you are having a vacation. 

What have you done at these famous attractions in London? Any place new you would like to suggest? Leave them all in the comment section below, I would love to know them all!

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