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ummer is the time for you to have the perfect excuse to do a make-over shopping, no matter in clothes or cosmetics. This time, I will be sharing some of the things you can shop for this summer to get the summer look. As you can see from the above photo, I have been buying some new cosmetics for the ultimate summer look. Though I have dug out some of my usual cosmetics as well for this lookbook, all of them server their very own purpose. 

*Products in the photo
-Stippling brush and Concealer brush from Wet N Wild
-Naked 2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay
-Intensive skin serum foundation and eye brightener by Bobbi Brown
-Waterproof brow gel in toasted blonde color by MAC
-Mineralize concealer from MAC
-Skinfinish highlighter in lightscape color by MAC
-Huggable Lip color in Flamming lips color by MAC
-Bronzer by KIKO MILANO
-3-wick candle by Bath & Bodywork

*Products from above photo
-They're real liner by Benefit
-Automatic precision eyeliner by KIKO MILANO
-Buffing brush from Real Techniques
-Foundation brush from H&M

The most important cosmetic for summer has to be bronzer, and I guess no one disagrees on that. I have bought a new bronzer from KIKO MILANO and I am absolutely loving it. The bronzer has this golden case which looks like a golden egg shell, with mirror in it and a baked bronzer which smells incredible. The bronzer has a slight orange shade which can easily create that healthy sun tan look for summer naturally. 

Another thing that is crucial for the summer look is definitely highlighter. You will want to apply more highlighter not only on your cheekbone or your t-zone, but also your nose tip and down your cupid bone. This helps to create an overall healthy sun glow and radiant to your skin. For a more vibrant and radiant look, you will want to put on what's called strobing on your face, that is a radiant base. These cream hydrates your skin before applying cosmetics and gives you an even hydrated glow on your face.

I am normally not a brow-person, which means I don't actually care a lot with my brows. However, circumstances have changed since I have dyed my hair in a golden brown color for summer. As I have been having black hair for the past decade, I ought to have a change in color, and summer is the perfect timing as you will want your hair to look lighter when the sun rays land on it. And because of this, I bought a brow gel in toasted blonde color, so that my brow color goes with my hair color.

Lipstick is also an essential item for your summer look as the color of it is what makes your face pops out from the ordinaries. The lipstick color I chose for summer is a bright red color, not too overwhelming but enough to catch attention. The red color from this MAC lipstick I bought is just right on point as it is in semi-transparent form (if you know how to use photoshop, it is when you turn down the opacity of a very red color). Other than red color, I will suggest light pink or light orange color, considering which fits you better. These bright color brings light to your face and makes you look more energetic in summer.

I have chosen the Naked 2 palette for summer not only because it is in a nude, natural color, but also because it contains lots of shimmery colors which are perfect for a baked summer look.  To get the perfect summer look from Naked 2, I tend to use colors on the left side of the palette, which are relatively lighter. I will also choose the color snakebite, chopper, verve or YDK to blend in.

For foundation and concealers, I tend to choose those with SPF so I do not have to apply extra sunscreen on my face again. Be sure to get them in a tanner shade for all those tan you gain during summer; everyone should have at least 2 shades of foundation and concealers, one for summer and another for winter. 

For eyeliners, I have chosen a cat-eye liner from benefit and the basic pens from KIKO. The best of them are that they are waterproof as well, so you need not to panic about your makeup when you head to the beach.

* Products from the photo
-Strobe cream hydratant lumineux  from MAC
-Contour and highlighting brush from BH

*products above
-nail polishes from KIKO MILANO
-nail polishes from HENNA

Except for cosmetics, nail polish can also help to boost up your summer look, as well as your summer vibes. For summer, I tend to choose nail polishes in very light colors or nude colors. These light colors brings energy out from your look and matches with the light-color clothing you are wearing in summer. I will also throw a few playful topcoats, such as confetti or polka dots, which adds a little bit of cuteness to your summer look as well.

Do you have any of your own summer lookbook advice? Be sure to leave a comment below, I would love to hear them all!
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  1. Your blog is so beautiful and romantic, I love it! Everything is so lovely, especially the candle and nail varnishes, I really wish we had a Bath and Body works in the UK! Gorgeous photos :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Aww thank you, that was really sweet of you :) I don't have bath and body works in my country as well, I bought A LOT while I travel xo

  3. I use all that stuff and it works great! Even the candle! lol

    Want to follow each other? Comment on my blog if you do! :)

  4. I love your blog!
    Good vibes, FOX
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