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So a month ago, I went for an Island Trip with my boyfriend (sorry for taking me a month to write up this post because I haven't been free till now) for a walk and perhaps some food and photo hunting. The island is pretty small to be frank but the food over there is amazing, they also have a small beach which we had loads of fun over there. 

And obviously, for such a pretty view of the island, I couldn't miss a chance to capture it down in my camera, and this time, I do it with my Fuji Instant Film Camera, so I can instantly print the photos out.
Sometimes I really love how instant film cameras work, not only for printing the photos instantly, but also for printing the photos in their original way, to keep the photos unedited as they should be. For view, I think it's the best thing to shoot using a instant film camera rather than a DSLR camera as the view itself is the main focus instead of all those Photoshop edits, those are totally unnecessary.
I love how instant film cameras keep the photos in their original ways, the way that they should be in so that we all can get a glimpse in the raw view just like what we saw from our eyes directly, it is the best feeling we can get from looking at a photo. 

I am not going to talk about instant film camera skills over here as I have already wrote about that for a few times, perhaps next time when I came up with some fantastic ideas.

But if you really want to know more about the skills, check these posts out :



Do tell me your thoughts on instant film camera, I'd love to know what you think!

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