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So you might have noticed that I haven't been posting that frequently lately. And as you've read the title, you will know why, because I'm having my finals right now and I don't have much time to create that much posts as before. So I'm sorry that I haven't been on lately as I'm really really busy with my exams.

However, I still shot a few things for the next 2 posts, and I'm going to put them on schedule as I'm not as busy as last week. This week, I can finally get the time to touch my laptop and upload this post, (this post was meant to be post one or two weeks ago), so sorry for the delay.

Still, if you have any questions or any post suggestion, feel free to comment below down the comment box or contact me via any social network that you can find me.

*Above Photo
-Ipad Mini Case from Jack Wills
-Fluffy pen from Log On



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